12 Great Gift Ideas Made Out of Wood

Do you want to give someone special a unique but budget-friendly gift? Then consider gifting them something made out of wood.

Many people nearly always look for gift ideas to give to their loved ones. This could be for anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions.

And it can be pretty challenging, especially if the recipient does not come up with any useful suggestions.

There is something about wood that is so warm and homey. And when gifts are handmade, it becomes more personable.

Therefore, if you have a nice-looking piece or block of wood lying around your home, do not let it go to waste.

There are lots of simple and adorable gifts that you can make from wood. It all depends on how creative you are.

Here are 12 great gift ideas made out of wood.

Wooden Toys

If your DIY skills are mediocre at best, you should consider wooden toys. The beauty of these wooden toys is that they never go out of style.

And many of them are not only fun but also highly educational as well. You can even get the kids involved, either helping you out or just watching.

Laptop Stand

Do you know simple gifts made out of wood can be much more touching than plastic options you buy?

One of the DIY wood gifts you can make is a laptop stand. Laptops may be unmatched for portability, but they usually lack in ergonomics.

A laptop holder or stand can help, especially if you make it the collapsible variety. If you have a relative that travels from time to time, this will be a perfect gift.

Hexagon Shelves

Hexagon, also known as honeycomb shelves, have become incredibly popular in the DIY universe.

What makes these wooden shelves attractive is that they are interestingly designed. They are easy to build and also different from the norm.

Wooden Spatula

Believe it or not, wooden spatulas are expensive these days, even when you purchase them online.

Why spend that money when you can carve yours using the strips of wood in your backyard? Making spatulas is one of the great gift ideas that can easily occupy your time. It will also give your loved one’s kitchen that rustic look they might have always wanted.

Industrial Serving Tray

Urban pioneers launched the industrial style when they started converting factories and warehouses into offices and living spaces.

This style has influenced furniture and transcended architecture, light fixtures, and even graphic design.

You can build a serving tray for a friend using the industrial style. And they can add this beautiful piece to their home.

Wooden Porch Swing

A wooden porch swing is a perfect gift for your aging mom on Mother’s Day. It costs far less to make a wooden swing than to purchase one.

However, you need to be careful when you string it up. And you need to ensure that it can bear at least twice the weight of an adult. Your mother will adore you for this lovely gift.

Space-Saving Wine Rack

Upper kitchen cabinets usually have lots of usable space under them. And that is the ideal place to store any of your favourite vintages.

The rack will require about two 1x4s the length of the bay under the cabinet. That means a strip of ¾-inch plywood that is 8 inches wide will do the trick.

Knife Holder

Knife holders make another great gift idea that adds a rural feel to your friend’s kitchen. Get a block of wood and cut slits into it.

The slits should be wide enough to accommodate knives. Then, sand and shape the knife holder according to your preferred specifications.

Wine Box

If you have a wine connoisseur as a friend, a wooden wine box will make an excellent gift. So, the next time you visit this friend, do not hand over just a bottle of wine. Dress up the delivery with a nicely carved wine box.

Wooden Wearables

Wooden necklaces and earrings make perfect gifts for anniversaries or birthdays. You can also gift your fiancé or baby sister these wooden wearables. This is because they will always look and even feel extra special to your loved ones.

Candy Dispenser

The kids will definitely love this one. One of the best gift ideas out of wood for kids can be crafting a DIY candy dispenser. This ensures the kids have fun and enjoy candy while they leave you alone.

Dog Bowl Stand

Pet lovers are adorable people, and if you have a friend who has a canine friend, what better gift than a wooden dog bowl stand?

Get your hands on some essential tools along with hardware. The size of your friend’s dog will determine the dimensions of the dog bowl stand.

If you have a dog-loving neighbour, you should consider taking a few measurements. This will guide you as you create the perfect dog bowl stand for your friend’s four-legged friend.


There you have it: 12 great and impressive ideas made out of wood. Handmade gifts are always special and incredibly unique.

Put all the love you have into crafting these gifts out of wood, and they will be all the more special.

These 12 are some of the great wooden gift ideas you should consider anytime you want to give a loved one anything.

They are suitable for men and women, boys and girls of all ages. And the satisfaction and mental happiness they bring is extraordinary and unmatchable.

So, go ahead and make these gifts out of wood and watch as your loved ones beam from ear to ear.