8 Ways to Keep Warm in the Winter

Winter is still here, and during these cold months, many people make staying warm a top priority.

Not many individuals can tolerate the effects of frigid weather, which can affect anyone. If the cold is getting too extreme for you, there are several ways to keep warm in the winter.

But what follows are the top eight ways to keep warm in the winter.


One of the ways to keep warm in the winter is by wearing weather-prone footwear. A pair of stylish boots from Ugg Express will keep your feet warm throughout the severely frosty season.

The calf-high footgear will help prevent you from experiencing numb and cold feet when the weather is icy cold.

Seal Up Any Cracks

According to research, one of the primary causes of heat loss in most homes are cracks or gaps.

Cracks and gaps always suck out hot air in homes during winter. A few places where cracks are commonly found are around windows and doors.

Therefore, start sealing up any cracks or gaps that may be an issue using caulk, a waterproof sealant, and filler.

Layer Up

This is the time to start embracing layering. When you layer up, you stay warm, and it always looks cool.

The number of layers of clothing you wear depends significantly on how cold you feel. What you wear also matters a lot. The following fabrics are great for warmth:

  • Fleece
  • Wool
  • Flannel
  • Silk

Therefore, go for any of these fabrics anytime you feel like layering up.

Use Space Heaters

Make use of space heaters to heat the coldest rooms in your house. They are generally inexpensive electronic gadgets that you can purchase from the nearest store in your community.

However, when using space heaters, make sure you follow every safety precaution to prevent accidents or electrical problems.

Cook and Consume Warming Foods

The food you consume during the winter season may not be different from those you eat in any other season.

However, this is winter; you need home-cooked foods that quickly warm up the core. And most foods suitable for winter require an extraordinary amount of baking or cooking.

Of course, eating take-out, going to the restaurants, or ordering food online and getting it delivered at home add up over time. And these can eat into your savings or earnings.

Therefore, get a slow cooker to make winter meals like soup and chilli.

Use Curtains Smartly

The right kind of curtains can keep cold air out of your home. Therefore, go for heavy sets of curtains or the insulated thermal variety.

Do away with thin and translucent panels that will not offer any form of protection against the cold.

Bear in mind that you need to open the curtains in the daytime so that solar heat can warm up your living room or any other room in the house.

And as the sun comes towards the end of its journey, drop the heavy drapes to trap some heat quickly.

Stay Active Indoors

This is the time to start engaging in that indoor workout you keep postponing. However, before you even do anything strenuous enough to make you break a sweat, speak to your physician.

Receive express permission that your health is sound, and you are good to go. So, slot in that workout video and slog away in front of your TV.

You can also do some cleaning since you are cooped up at home already. Some of the workout programs you can engage with include yoga, Zumba or Pilates.

Use Your Ceiling Fan

Warm air naturally rises to the ceiling.  But you need to feel that warm air. And the best way to tap into it is via your ceiling fan.

Switch on your ceiling fan and let it run at a low setting. This action pushes the warm air floating near the ceiling back down so that you and everyone else at home can feel and ask in it.


Staying warm in the winter goes beyond throwing on a sweater or two and consuming a healthy helping of some chilli or soup. You need to layer up and engage in physical activity.

Make sure your heaters are up to par and protect your feet with a pair of highly recommended cosy boots.

Following these tips will ensure you stay warm throughout the winter.