Ao Nang Beach: Your Best Krabi Getaway

You’re headed to Krabi, Thailand, but do you have all the information when it comes to the best beaches and the best hotels?  Perhaps you don’t yet, and that’s okay.  Hands down, Krabi is a beautiful destination with incredible beaches and hotels, but if you’re seeking the best of the best, let these tips guide you in the right direction.

Ao Nang Beach &Ao Nang Town

If you’re looking for a beach that’s right out of a paradise destination guide, then Ao Nang is absolutely the beach for you.  From its white-sand beaches to the perfect, clear blue waters, to the traditional Thai boats floating in the surf to the bright, green palm trees, you simply couldn’t ask for a more beautiful place to vacation.  Even if you didn’t come to Ao Nang primarily for the beach, there are still other exciting outdoor activities you can participate in such as hiking and snorkeling.  Best of all, an ideal hotel will be able to advise and arrange such activities for you without any additional charge.

Additionally, the quaint little town of Ao Nang has everything you might want in a little beach town getaway.  There’s fun nightlife, international restaurant chains (for when you just really need the BigMac), cute shopping boutiques, and even paved pathways to just wander down.  With Ao Nang, you get the best of both worlds: an amazing beach and nearby amenities.

A Little Rest & Relaxation

There’s a good chance, a little “R & R” is one of your desires when it comes to your stay in Krabi.  If this rings true for you, you’ll find that the best hotels in Ao Nang beach, Krabi will make your rest and relaxation their top priority.  From sparkling outdoor pools to large, beautiful rooms, to a full service, helpful staff, there are many amenities you should keep an eye out for.  Before selecting your hotel, be sure to make a list of amenities that are most important to you, and cross check it with potential hotels.

Beachside Paradise

Ao Nang beach is a picturesque paradise and a popular beach in Krabi, but that doesn’t mean your hotel should reflect the popularity of the beach.  Of course, it’s nice to have other visitors to interact with, but this is your vacation, and there should be a balance.  You’ll be pleased to know that the very best hotels in Ao Nang offer you a quiet ambiance, a friendly staff, and beachside convenience (and beauty) without the potential of crowds.  At the right hotel, you’ll come to realize the beauty and serenity of Ao Nang, but not how immensely popular this beach is.

There is no doubt, Ao Nang is a beautiful place with amazing hotels to make your vacation extraordinary.  During your selection, keep in mind beachfront proximity, the level of relaxation possible, important hotel amenities, and the overall atmosphere of the hotel.  Each of these points will lead you in the right direction to have your very best stay in Krabi.