Ayurveda cough syrup for betterment of kids

A cough is an important viral action that is used to clear your upper respiratory tract. The cough could arise due to rare conditions or any form of lung infection. Most of the kids cough but frequent cough does warrant a medical attention at the earliest. In fact a wet cough is a lot different from a dry cough.

It is better to record the cough before you meet up with a doctor. The cough symptoms that last for less than 4 weeks are termed as acute and the ones that last for more than that period is termed as chronic. The cough could also arise due to various reasons.

Home remedies for dealing with cough in children

Because of the various causes of cough in children any therapy has to be directed onto a proper occurring symptom.

  • The upper respiratory tract responds better to fluids, care and rest. Research is of the opinion there is not much relief provided by over the counter medicines. Even certain studies have gone on to show that side effects occur to kids below 6 years of age because of the ingredients that are part of the medicine
  • Bacterial infections are known to respond better to specific antibiotics
  • You can treat wheezing with various inhaled medications. If there does any concern as far as aspirations of foreign object is concerned it might have to be removed by a bronchoscopy.

In addition to this torex cough syrup is another Ayurveda remedy to deal with cough in kids. In order to thin out mucus drink plenty of fluids and to calm a swelling throat useĀ  a vaporizer. There is some evidence to show that honey decreases the symptoms of cough without causing any side effects. To alleviate cough drink tea with honey before you go to bed. But an important point to consider is that honey should not be given to kids who are below the age of 12 years as the baby could suffer from botulism

Other remedies that you can adopt is sipping lemon juice with honey or you can gargle with warm water. Another outstanding home based remedy is chicken soup. Any cough medicine should not be adminiserted to kids under the age of 4 years as it can lead to serious side effects or even death. Though some medicines can be provided to kids in the age group of 4 to 6 years, but you have to consult a doctor first. For kids who cannot have cough syrup given them a small teaspoon of honey with warm water. Honey is an instant relief mechanism as far as cough is concerned

If you thinking of a medicine for your kids then torex syrup is your best bet. This is a medicine that is incorporated from 20 odd natural herbs. So as to avail the best results the medicine has to be consumed with lukewarm water. In this syrup you would stumble upon the advantages of tulsi and honey. Another feature is that it is a cost effective medicine