Best Small Business Review Management Software For Dropshipping

Why is it important to use a review management software for your business? Well it’s reviews are so important to your business. The businesses that are most successful, today, have constant inflows of new reviews across multiple review sites, not just one. And so for you to grow your business, you need a way to efficiently manage all of these reviews, to capture reviews and to build your business. So the question is, what’s the best review management software to do that. We believe that it’s Top Rated Local. And so let me break down seven reasons why we think Top Rated Local is truly the best small business review management software that will allow you to achieve that sought-after dropship lifestyle.

1. Top Rated Local is like your own assistant

It’s like your own employee that’s asking for reviews across multiple sites in one shot. What I mean by that is, when you ask for a review on Top Rated Local, whether you submit this to your customers for feedback, have it in automated emails or in your email signature, however you want to do it, when you ask them to leave a review on Top Rated Local, Top Rated Local captures that review. But it also turns around and asks those consumers if they’d like to also leave a review on the other review sites that you acknowledge to be left on inside of the Top Rated Local admin dashboard. The beauty of this is, is the way that it works, when somebody leaves a review four stars or higher, Top Rated Local immediately publishes that review and asks you to leave the review on Google or on Facebook or the other review sites that you add. The thing is though, if they leave a review of three stars or less, instead of asking you to leave a review on other sites it asks you for more feedback so that you can get the feedback for your business so that you can improve without necessarily spreading reviews that are less than stellar across the internet. So by using Top Rated Local it’s automatically taking care of this busy work for you so that you can spread your good reviews further. And on your reviews that are less than excellent you can get additional feedback to determine how next time you can make it an excellent experience.

2. See your reputation online

with Top Rated Local you can include a badge or a widget on your website that not only displays your ratings and reviews you’ve received on Top Rated Local, but actually when clicked you can see your overall reputation online, in general. It’ll show you all the review sites that you have, your average rating and reviews overall, and how powerful that really is. This saves somebody time from needing to do this research so when they go to your website and click your rating badge and see that you have great reviews on Google and on Facebook and on Top Rated Local and everything else, they immediately know that this is a trustworthy business that they need to reach out to with software like spocket. There’s a powerful stat that says, over 80% of businesses, before they call you or fill out a lead forum or make a purchase on your website, they first go away and they do a research on your brand reputation. And if they don’t see a lot of reviews or those aren’t good, they go and they look for somebody else. So if you can answer those questions right away on your website, at the time that they’re there, you’re going to see a huge increase in your number of calls, online purchases and lead flow just by using the badge on your website.

3. Gives you the ability to challenge reviews

It’s a shocking stat, but over 30% of reviews posted online that are negative about a business are from a competitor. That competitor is just trying to knock them down. This is extremely frustrating for small businesses and most review sites don’t give you a good way to eliminate that from happening. Top Rated Local does. Because when you receive a review on Top Rated Local, you have the ability to click and challenge it. When you challenge a review, the reviewer that left the review needs to provide proof that they actually did business with you. If they can’t do that the review is taken down so that the reviews are clean, they are verified, and there’s a true feedback of your actual customers. This is beautiful because if you ever challenge your review and it was a competitor that left it, they’re not even going to respond. And that review’s gone.

4. Gives a business the opportunity to have the comments used as a feedback forum

So, in other words, you can have comments set to be private to your business so that you can tackle that feedback and try improve upon it. Now this doesn’t effect your overall star rating or your overall rating online, so your overall reputation is gonna be not affected by this. But what it can do is protect you in situations where maybe somebody is saying something in the comment that’s unprofessional or that could be offensive to people. You have the ability to make that private. And there’s other things that you make private that you think makes more sense as an internal feedback forum so that you can take that to improve your business and isn’t necessarily something you want public to the entire world. That being said, remember the review does stay active and so your rating score is not affected, unless, of course, you challenge the review and the review is determined to be left by a false reviewer. And in that case it would be removed completely.

5. You can request a rerate

What that means, a lot of times you’ll get a rating from a customer that’s below par maybe at a three star, maybe at a two, or a one. And with that additional feedback that Top Rated Local asks for, one of the questions that it asks is, what could be done to exceed your expectations and kind a get you back to a higher score. And they’ll give you that feedback. You can then take that and try to address that with that customer. Try to resolve their concerns, help them feel better about your brand. And if you do so, you can click to request a rerate. When you request a rerate, it sends an email back to the reviewer that they can click and change their rating. This is a great way to improve your overall rating score online and also gives you an opportunity to make right some of those situations that come along that you could have maybe done better in and earn that customer’s trust, ultimately maybe even earn their business again, maybe even earn a referral.

6. Easy to use

Top Rated Local is really easy to use and it has a dashboard when you log in that let’s you see your overall reputation online just across the entire internet. So you’ll not only see your review increases and rating scores and review analysis on Top Rated Local, but you’ll also see how many reviews do you have on Google and what’s your overall rating score. And how many do you have on Facebook and what’s your overall rating score and etc., right from the Top Rated Local dashboard. You can then, one click away, you can click to jump right into those other profiles, as well, and manage directly from there, if you’d like also. But it makes Top Rated Local really your command center for review management where you can track all of your results on your reputation and take action as needed right from one dashboard.

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