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SMS Marketing

Today, businesses connect with their targeted audience on the go. It is extremely important in this age of stiff competition. That is because it is a highly effective method of providing assured results. According to an article published on, the abundant use of smartphones and tablets does not assure marketing success.

There are good and bad instances of SMS marketing. You need to compose your messages without pushing your customers or imposing your products on them. Let us explain this point with the help of a suitable example. For instance, consider this SMS message. “Hi! Did you see our sale at Get our best fashion watch before stock exhausts.”  It is a bad example of SMS marketing.

Now, consider this one. “Grab a 15% discount on fashion watches at for the next 2 days. Use code FASHIONWATCH during checkout.”

The first example is an imposition or hard selling while the second one is highlighting how the sale would benefit the customers. These things matter the most when it comes to text-based marketing! Therefore, you need to make your SMS marketing more impactful. Here are some of the best tips to do so:

Do not use abbreviations or resort to hype

Ensure that your text-based messages do not look like spam, something too exaggerated, or the content is full of abbreviations. Even if your niche is highly specialized, like teaching people how to do estimates for construction projects for example, you still shouldn’t do this. If you resort to such tactics, your prospects will delete the messages from their inbox. They will not even think twice before doing so. Avoid everything that appears too promotional and superficial. Avoid words like “amazing” offers, short forms of words, or jargons that customers fail to fathom.

These tactics of SMS marketing will dilute your brand messaging as well as its perception. The result is a failed campaign. If you are new to it, take some time out of your busy schedule and research how you can improve on your SMS marketing strategies.

Ensure messages are brief and to the point

Your messages should be concise and lucid. When it comes to text-based mobile marketing, there is no place for long sentences or saying things in a roundabout manner. There is no place for beating about the bush when it comes to SMS marketing. First, understand who your targeted customers are, and approach them directly via SMS marketing.

If you have some good offers, take advantage of the same and highlight that information in your marketing messages. It is the offers and benefits that would help you sell your products or services and not extraneous information. It will put off customers. You can make the most of SMS API platforms that are easy to use and effective for your marketing campaigns.

Make offers that have some immediate benefit

The prospects would not like to read text messages from a business or brand that offers no immediate benefit. People are busy and they do not have the time to open and read marketing messages that offer no instant value. Do you know why? That is because a text-based message is an immediate medium that should offer real-time benefits.

No matter whether you are providing details of your new product or store sale, your message should highlight the benefits of buying your items now. It is better to hire a copywriter with a marketing background, who can compose smart instant benefit-focused messages. It is a specialized job and you need someone, who is smart with words.

Make your audience feel important

Avoid sending messages that clutter your customers’ inbox with information that they know of or can easily see on your website or your physical store hoardings across the city. Send messages highlighting exclusive deals making your audience feel important and special. Make them feel that they matter to your brand. Highlight you are offering them with exclusive offers because they deserve it.


Now that you have these tips and tricks in hand, use them in your SMS marketing campaigns and leverage SMS API platforms for the best results. You will succeed in your endeavors if you implement the right ideas and strategies.

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