Challenges Regarding Dandruff And Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

Anti-Dandruff Shampoos

Dandruff is a special unhealthy condition of the scalp that commonly results in flaking in the scalp with associated symptoms of itching. The skin of the affected portion of the hair gets dried and dies too fast causing the dandruff problems. And if the condition is exposed with other conditions like stress, sickness, cold and dry weather or even the ignorance of taking care of the hair for a certain period of time, the situation gets worse. Also, it is true that the hair is such a part of the body that remains uncovered the maximum time of a day and also exposed to pollutants and other threats increasing the chances of dandruff to occur.

Role of shampoos

Shampoos are the hair care products in the form of viscous liquid and are used for removing dirt and oil from the surface of the hair fibers and the scalp and claim to lower the chance of dandruff. They are used by applying them to wet hair, massaging the same into the hair and thereby rinsing it out with water. Shampoos typically contain a primary and secondary surfactant for thorough cleaning, conditioning agents, solvent and other non-essential components like the fragrance or color for a catchy commercial appeal.But what these shampoos fell short is the ultimate care for the hair as the chemical bases associated with them often becomes harmful in the long run of use. And to avoid this one can go for the ketoconazole based shampoos.

Why ketoconazole shampoos?

Nowadays, it can be found that many doctors are prescribing the ketoconazole shampoos to their patients having acute dandruff as the said shampoo in a concentration of 2% in an aqueous manner is an antifungal synthetic agent. This type of shampoo generally interferes with the cell membrane of the affected areas and interacts with them which cause the weakening of the membranes and finally they get leaked out and died. In case of using the anti dandruff shampoo ketoconazole India is becoming one of the leading countries amongst all others as the users are finding it very effective in providing nourishment to the root of the scalp as well as reducing the causes of dandruff. By using this shampoo one can stop the reoccurrence of the dandruff.

Measures to be taken

Though this shampoo is very useful in dealing with dandruff some measures should always be taken like avoiding it getting into the eyes or keeping away from the children below 12 years or pregnant ladies unless the doctor approves it. The dosage and storage method should always be followed otherwise the impact will not be up to the mark and the chances of dandruff coming back will increase.


Thus, considering the effectiveness of them on dandruff, many companies have stepped forward to manufacture ketoconazole shampoos in India in a higher rate under different brand names but the user must know about his/her skin condition very well before using it and also a little consultation with the doctor is highly advised.

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