Elevator Door Ads- A New Way To Reach People

In the recent century, life has become so fast and it is becoming more faster. People have no time to even see their own faces life has become such terrific. In order to get success in business it is really important to communicate with people because they are the customers and without a customer base, nothing can be done. So you need to reach people. But since life has become very fast thus the conventional way of marketing or branding not going to work anymore.

Everything is becoming digitalized. Market researchers are focusing more on making effective branding strategies so that they can reach people faster and can have exponential growth in business. Social media marketing, postering, giving ads on television is older now. You will get a few people who get the chance to watch a movie on television especially for young people. Thus a new way has emerged where you are isolated from your surroundings and you are shown with the advertisement. This has kicked out the chance of getting distracted. Yes, it is the most effective advertisement or branding process called as elevator door ads.

The elevator branding is considered as a newer strategy to reach people. People who live in big apartments or work in an office that has a big building, use elevators. If you go to supermarkets or shopping malls there also you will get elevators. The new strategy of branding has turned out with a very clever concept known as elevator door ads. Just imagine what you do when you wait outside the lift and eagerly wait for the lift to come in front of u with its opened doors. There are people who mostly get bored at this waiting time. So market researchers have chosen this time when they can completely drag the attention of the customers. Posting brand image, photos of products and services are pasted on the walls of the elevator either inside or in outside.

While you are waiting for the lift to come up and open the door in front of you, you can actually read those ads which are either digitalized or informative posters that take very little time to watch. During the period you watch the ads, apart from getting the information you also feel entertained. The most important part is you are completely detached from your surroundings for a while when you are inside the lift and can watch the ads without any distraction. You might feel it absurd but this is really effective. Pictures or posters of the product and services are pasted on the walls of an elevator. In each corner, it is pasted in such a way that you will anyhow get to have a look to it. This makes the branding process a little shocking but it drags the attention of the majority of the customers which is really helpful for a business organization to reach to their target customers. So don’t waste time and let’s get ready to adopt the new idea of branding.

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