Gambling in Canada: real tips from Canadian players

Gambling in Canada

Canada is the country where online gambling is prohibited unless you play at an international casino. Luckily, there are hundreds of best licensed online casinos that invite Canadian players in the world. Since gambling has become so popular among Canadians, most of them have got very experienced. The following tricks, or better to say tips, are based on their gambling stories.

What’s Wrong with Bonuses?

Gamblers have a lot to say about the most challenging topic of bonuses. Of course, the promos are so catchy. The best casino bonuses are promising to give you hundreds of dollars, sometimes even over a thousand. But we all know that in reality the offers are just made to attract players, especially newbies. Every frequent casino player has used bonuses at least once. However, they have learned something from this experience.  

  • Don’t use bonuses. Some players wish they’d never taken those bonuses. The fact is they are attractive, no doubt. But the wagering requirements are awful and never beneficial. Some online casinos oblige you to play through 50 times before you can withdraw. This is actually a big amount of spins which can roughly touch your own credited money. As a result, you lose what you deposited, what you were rewarded and what you won during the game.
  • Cashback offers. If you tend to use bonuses anyway, at least claim for the ones offering you cashbacks. So, you’ll have some money back in case if you lose or whatever. Anyway, cashback is always good, concerning the casinos too.
  • Cryptocurrency promos. Bitcoins are a new way to pay and get money. Some online casinos promote cryptocurrency by offering bitcoin-related bonuses. What is good, players note that crypto offers have less wagering requirements compared to ordinary. On the other hand, bitcoins are less safe. So, think thoroughly before you choose this method and bitcoin offers.

Bet without getting upset

Betting is the thing that requires most attention from players. Not in vain all the experienced players make up their own betting strategies. And it’s certainly clear why a lot of people search the best strategies on the net to apply during poker, roulette or even slots. Each player is unique and has its own history of games played through. Since the very first game up to the present days games they have developed unique rules that help to get a better result. I wish to share some of these thoughts with you.

  • $5 is the bet limit during bonuses. If you’ve ignored the previous advice regarding offers, here’s what to do in this case. No matter what wagering requirement is applied, bet as little as you can during this period. Players don’t recommend betting more than $2, or let’s say $5, for a spin. Otherwise, you won’t get the positive opinion of bonuses, nor their positive influence on your game.
    • In case if you want to make higher stakes, then don’t claim a bonus. It’ll absolutely make no sense.
  • Start with a small deposit. Again unless you want to lose it all away, deposit small portions of money at the very beginning. For example, make five deposits of $10 or $50 if your wallet allows. Another example, 10 deposits of $25. It’s necessary to test the online casino and its games. Even though you’ve joined the ‘right’ casino, don’t make big funds, just in case.
  • Bet the smallest until the point. Judging by players’ experience, it’s always useless to set high or even moderate bets at the beginning of the game. You can only raise the bet amount when the casino game starts paying out. As soon as you’ve noticed the winning rounds, go ahead to click the ‘+’ on bet selector.
  • Withdraw after each session. Opposite to the previous tip, when it feels like losing, quit the game. There’s no point in keeping the game if the casino stops paying. It makes zero sense to lead the balance down to nowhere.

General but so vital tips

Apart from the most dangerous mistakes that you can make while gambling (bonus and bets), there are also other typical troubles and solutions that you have to know before joining the casino.

  • Let your greed out. It’s never helpful to chase big wins. If you’re playing a Jackpot game, take time to relax and release your mind from greedy thoughts. You can never hit a Jackpot while you’re aggressively clicking the spin button.
  • Set yourself a limit. Limits work good and don’t let you go deep down to failure. Of course, it requires discipline. And if you have it, you can save your budget. What types of limits can be. 
    • Limit of 100 spins during one session. Basically, if you spin 100 times and it doesn’t hit, go out. Try next time.
    • If your balance gets 40% lower from the initial amount, quit the game. For example, you deposited $25 and left with $10 on balance. It’s time to finish.
  • Only spend what you can afford. The golden rule of gambling is playing for fun. Only when you have spare dollars, spend them on casino games. In case that this contribution is not very necessary at the moment, don’t even start.
  • Never ‘Self Exclude’ yourself. Experienced gamblers know what self-exclusion means. This is a total exclusion from all gambling services of the casino group for a minimum of half a year. It can last up to 5 years. This is the option for finished gamblers addicted to games. As an alternative to this option, you’d better choose to close your account. This way you will have the opportunity to continue gambling once you wish to start again.
  • Always check the T&C. This rule is another key to successful gambling. You just have to read the general terms and ones referring to the bonuses before you sign up and deposit. Don’t be lazy to read it because even experienced gamblers first know the rules and limitations.

Maybe you’re already applying these tips on practice, but certainly something was new for you. The mentioned hints are absolutely practical based on real long-term experience of casino players. Try them out and you’ll see how vital they are for you as a young gambler.

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