Handy Discusses the Best Time to Buy or Sell A House

According to Handy, the best time to buy or sell a house depends on a lot of factors such as seasonality, your financial condition, local trends, and the condition of the property. You have to take into account all of these factors to get the best deal or make the most money. You should note that there is no ‘magic month’ for buying or selling any property. We can only make sensible decisions based on market research, statistics, and the current trend of people buying or selling property. Now, let us discuss the best time to buy or sell a house in different sections to make it easier to understand. If you want to get more useful tips about real estate, investing or money, please visit BiggieTips.com

The best time to buy a house

According to experts, the best time to buy a house is during the spring season as it marks the peak in the number of properties put for sale. April and May are the best months to select from a wide variety of properties that are available for purchase. The competition or bidding war will be severe but not enough to demoralize you.

Generally, you may get a good deal when purchasing a house during the Winter season, but you would have fewer options to choose from as not many properties are put up for sale in this period. The hot-summer month will test your capability to handle the heat. It will also test how well you can handle the competition in a market with limited choices.

Make sure to check the interest rates during the period you plan to buy your house. Otherwise, you may regret it later. Another thing to consider is your finances. The best time to buy a house is when you can afford it.

The best time to sell a house

Once you understand the real estate market, you will quickly realize that the best time to sell your home is also during the Spring season and the best opportunity comes during the first 2 weeks of May. During this period, the market is hot, and you will face less negotiations from buyers. In fact, houses that are put up for sale during this period sell the fastest provided the property is in good condition and in a good location.

Apart from the factor of seasonality, you must make sure that the property is in an attractive condition to entice buyers to spend more money to make up their minds sooner. Plus, you should make sure that the local housing market is working in your favor if you want to get the best value by selling your property.

The most important thing to realize is whether you can afford to sell your house and buy a new one if you have to. The cost of buying your new home may not be met if you don’t get a good price on your old home or don’t have enough savings.


Handy believes that before making a decision that would severely impact the rest of your life, you should consider the risks and benefits thoroughly. If you make a mistake, it will affect you and your family, and regretting it in the future won’t solve anything.