How Snow Jackets Can Be Your Best Pick For Next Winter

How Snow Jackets Can Be Your Best Pick For Next Winter

For an area which experiences snowfall in winter, snow jackets are an essential part of life so much so that wandering outside without wearing one can be fatal. So for the people unfamiliar with winter jackets, let’s start off with.

What are winter jackets?

As the name suggests, winter jackets are the jackets that are worn to keep oneself warm in winters. On that note, go search for snow jackets online india. Unlike most of the leather jackets, a winter jacket is specially made to protect its wearer from cold winds, snowfall, and rain. These coats are waterproof and thickly padded to provide them as much warmth as possible to the wearer. These jackets are typically and traditionally made in all-in-one long overcoat style with heavy padding underneath and typically it is acceptable and desirable for a winter coat to be heavy. These coats are occasionally tailored with several zipped or buttoned pockets to provide maximum convenience of carrying one’s things with him.

The common types

Technical – Technical winter jackets are designed specifically for outdoor camping and trecking activities and thus are available in bright, shiny colors only. To facilitate outdoor activities and provide added comfort to the trekkers, these jackets are fitted with several ‘add-ons’ such as water bottle holders on the inside, collars with detachable hoods and points to attach a mountaineering helmet on, reinforced points to attach the harness and many more facilities to make outdoor activities easier. These jackets are usually thinly padded with wool on the inside in order to reduce weight and easily allow body movements. So, if one is planning to visit Jammu and Kashmir or Shimla for camping, he should search for these snow jackets online india.

Casual Jackets – These jackets are more thickly padded and heavier than the technical jackets as their sole purpose is to keep the wearer warm rather than to keep him warm and allow maximum body movement. This jacket is never recommended for outdoor winter sports activities but is to be used for strolling and performing daily activities in snowy days.

What shall one look for in a good winter jacket?

  • The quality of the outer shell – Although almost all of the winter jackets typically feature a waterproof outer layer, it is the quality of the outermost layer that matters. Some jackets achieve cost-cutting by providing a thin outermost layer which is easily prone to tearing and degrades quickly over time. Some good winter jackets feature an additional coating of elastic polymer on the seams or around the joints so as to keep those delicate areas from tearing up.
  • Padding material used – Some manufacturers simply pad their jacket with cotton, which is cheap but also the least warm material to be used as padding, a similar result is achieved by employing synthetic fibers. While some manufacturers pad their jackets with high-quality wool and sometimes down feathers (for making the jacket lighter and also these feathers are an excellent heat retenders). Similarly, the thickness of the padding also determines the level of warmth.

Anyways winter is fast approaching and it is imperative to keep oneself warm, especially in areas which experience high snowfall. So, go head an search for the best snow jackets online indiato prepare for the coming winters.