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Real Human Clickers

If you want your business to grow with Google algorithms and reach the first page of Google, we recommend that you invest in your SEO. In other words, you can find a better position by optimizing your site, but one of the ways to improve your SEO that you should pay attention to is the click through rate or CTR, which is very important in this regard.

If you want to get the best results, I recommend that you talk about your SEO with a professional SEO consultant who has the necessary expertise in this area and get help from him. Regarding the issue of increasing the click-through rate, we must first say what does this number or percentage mean at all? Why increase it and what are the techniques and tricks that can be used to increase it?

CTR In Simple Language

If we want to tell you in simple language what the click rate is, we must first say that CTR actually stands for Click Through Rate, which is the Persian equivalent of click rate! When users search for what they want in a search engine, they choose which result is more useful to them by looking at a list of results that appear in front of them!

By clicking on any of them, the user actually increases the click-through rate of that result. The higher the click-through rate of a site, the more users have entered the site, and in fact the click-through rate has increased. In fact, the formula for calculating this click-through rate is:

Number of users clicks on the site divided by the number of times your site is displayed.

If you look a little closer in your console search, you will notice that your clickthrough rate is different for each page! Your click-through rate may be as high as 30% for one page, but not as high as 2% for another. If you want to see the details of these items in detail, you can search for this in the Performance section of your console.

The average of all your CTRs is displayed at the top of the page in general, which is usually between 8 and 12% for sites that have used SEO services! In this regard, if you want to know how to increase this rate, we will talk more in the following.

What is Impression?

When it comes to impressions, it means that your site is in the results and you can see them. Each time a user searches for a phrase, an Impression is recorded for all the results on that page. In fact, the number of visits to those sites increases.

Keep in mind that if you are for example on the keyword ” buy traffic to your website ” on the second page of Google, if the user does not enter that page, no visit will be recorded for you, but if the user enters that page and you are even the lowest page and the user will not even scroll to see your site, an Impression will be recorded for you.

Personally, as an SEO expert who has worked with various brands and sites so far, my whole concern has been to select the most visited keywords based on the search for keywords and the extent to which they are used by my employers. After that, I had to increase their click-through rates as much as I could so that they would eventually be able to get good rankings on the first page of Google and experience increased sales.

CTR or average clickthrough rate for each position on Google

Each rank in Google can have a different percentage of click-through rate. The highest CTR is definitely related to the number one rank of Google! According to official statistics published by Google in this regard, in the desktop version, the CTR is 32% and in the mobile version, it is 24% on average!

This number is a global average for all keywords and search terms. For some cases, this number can reach 80 to 90% or even below 20%. In recent years, when Google’s algorithms have improved significantly, Google has introduced various items such as Google Maps, News View, Rich Snippets, and…, each of which takes up part of the search space! Apart from these, Google has also expanded its keyword ads or Google ADS, which should show them at the top of the results.

In fact, if we want to talk about these statistics, we have to say that the global average CTR has decreased by about 35% in the last few years, but it still does not decrease in value, but the main question is how to increase this click-through rate. Gave? The methods I would like to introduce to you are based on the practical experiences I have had in my projects, which I am sure will help you as well.

Ways to Increase Site Traffic from Google

If we want to explain the ways to increase Google traffic and users entering the site in general, we can refer to SEO and search engine advertising. But SEO itself includes several sub-categories and domains, some of which have a greater impact on site traffic.

Some SEO measures are taken to improve the speed of the site, others to attract users through other websites and a set of measures to improve the site ranking. But still, they cannot be considered a guarantee of increasing site traffic from Google.

The most important point in increasing targeted organic website traffic and Google visits is to focus on methods that convince the user to click on your site link from among the many competitors in Google. In our experience, the following measures have a greater impact in