How to restore permanently deleted photos?

Losing data is the last thing you can afford in your business and it feels like a nightmare when you wake up to that. It generally happens when people are cutting and pasting data from a location to another or at many times the storage device crashes. Imagine you are in the Wedding Shoot business and you find that an entire Var-Mala sequence is missing from the entire shoot. These kinds of problems are inevitable as well as there is no substitute to them either. Often video editors save a brilliant piece of work to be delivered to the client but as soon as they copy it on the hard drive, Boom! It no longer exists. ‘Where did it go?’ I can’t answer that but Stellar can surely give you answers for ‘How to get back your photos?’

Stellar brings you Data Recovery Software which will be your savior at the times of such crisis. You no longer have to wander aimlessly from data recovery articles to articles available on the internet. Stellar is all you need with its easy-to-use features and a wide reach to a number of file formats. Stellar Data Recovery Software is the ray of hope you need and eventually it really is the light at the end of the tunnel.

Why to Choose Stellar Photo Recovery software?

Stellar Photo Recovery software is globally renowned for its data recovery solutions in all data loss situations and from multiple devices. Also, Stellar steps forward for its clients and offers its in-lab recovery services

  • Easy to use: Stellar is one of the easiest softwares to use as it provides you guidance at every step you would be required to take in order to recover deleted photos or any data.
  • Supports multiple media formats: As Stellar supports a plethora of file formats it is very much likely that this single app will solve most of your problems. Some of these formats are JPEG, KDC, DCS, DRF, .D25,.ORF,.RAW, .RW2, RAW, etc.
  • Double Confirmation: Not only you can retract selected files from the lost data, you can also preview all the files before saving themwhich will save a lot of your efforts and resources.
  • Compatible: This software is compatible with Windows as well as MAC which makes it an ideal choice for you if you own both of them.
  • Multiple Storage media devices: Being efficient and simple Stellar Photo recovery software is compatible to restore deleted photos from almost all storage media devices such as camera, SD card, laptops, Gopro, etc and in all data loss situations.

Steps to recover deleted photos:

  • Download and install Stellar Photo Recovery Software.
  • Select the location from where you wish to recover deleted files

  • While referring to the guidance, you can either scan or deep scan.
  • Once scanning is complete, you will see a box informing you “Scanning Completed Successfully.”
  • Now is the time when you preview all the files you wish to recover.

  • Select ‘Recover’ to get all the important files back.

  • Select the desired location to save your recovered files. However, keep in mind NOT to save the files in the save drive from where they were deleted.
  • Voila! You are done with it.

Final Words:

Data is a very important part of today’s business life as anything and everything you create is in there. So make sure you keep your data safe by having it stored in more than one location. Encrypting super sensitive data is also a good option along with taking utmost care while transferring data from one location to another.

However, even after so many precautions you happen to lose data, just reach out to Stellar Data Recovery India to successfully retrieve all your deleted Photos. Stellar will always have your back and it will never let you down when it comes to recovering the lost data. This made in India software has saved so many business relationships, personal memories and so much more.