How to Score Full Marks with NCERT books

Score Full Marks with NCERT books

National Council for Education Research and Training is an autonomous body set up by the government to enhance the quality of education in India through research and development of study material like- textbooks, reading material, tool kits, and other educational devices. The official website for NCERT is On their official website, one can find publications, journals, ebooks, previous year’s question papers, manuals, etc. NCERT has also designed a section of exemplar problems on science subjects. This section deals with science subject questions that are slightly difficult and have been repeated in that past exams.

The importance of NCERT books for CBSE students for board exams cannot be debated. When preparing for board exams students often get overwhelmed with the number of sources that are available to study. In a situation like this It is very important to pick the right books and study material. The textbooks by NCERT ( National Council of Education, Research and Training) should be the main source while preparing and there are several reasons for it. Using different books for reference can boost preparation but it is more important to know what books should be prioritized.

Here are some of the reasons why NCERT books are important and why one should choose them for preparation to score full marks.

  • One of the reasons why the NCERT textbook is all that is required is how readily they are available offline as well as online through PDFs similar to NCERT physics book for class 11 for all the classes and all the subjects. Sources that consist of chapter wise key concepts allows students to gain confidence in their preparation and provide insights into the exam. 
  • Importance in the competitive exams- The NCERT textbooks are important not just for board exams but for competitive exams too like NEET and JEE and question papers of these exams are set in a manner that will test your fundamentals and how strong is your knowledge of them. When studied for competitive exams subjects like maths, biology, chemistry, and physics become a nightmare for students with a science background However, this can be dealt with with the help of NCERTs textbooks and PDFs.
  • Strict adherence to the CBSE curriculum- The NCERT books are written in a way that it strictly follows the CBSE curriculum which means it includes all the topics as per the latest syllabus and exam structure. Hence, students do not need to prepare topics other than what has been mentioned in these books.
  • Accuracy of data- The information available in these books is in the most accurate form as these books are written after a lot of rigorous research by teachers and experts. These books are the best source to get your concepts right as they rarely hold incorrect information. One can easily rely on these books for being authentic.
  • Fundamentals in easy language- NCERTs are known for being easy to understand and these NCERT books include a detailed description of every topic in an easy to understand language. To understand the basics of any topic and to grasp its essence NCERT books should be preferred. Unlike some reference books which are written in a complicated language that can be hard to understand especially for fundamentals.
  • Board exam questions- If you check the previous year’s exam papers you will realize that a lot of these questions are directly asked from the NCERT books. The questions asked in board exams are based on the concepts that are explained in the NCERT books. No question that is asked will be based on a topic that isn’t already mentioned in these textbooks.
  • Practice questions- The exercises and practice questions mentioned at the end of every chapter are enough to practice your knowledge and prepare you for the exams. The NCERT textbooks are well equipped with enough questions for board exam preparation.
  • Time saving- Since NCERT books offer concepts in simple language it saves a lot of time. As the NCERT books include all the topics that one needs to prepare for there is no need to look for fundamentals in other additional books which again saves a lot of time.
  • Easy to revise- Revision plays a huge role in board exam preparation and the NCERT books are easy to revise which makes them the perfect complete source of board exam preparation. While studying candidates should make crisp notes by translating what they read into their own language. This strategy will make revision quicker and can be recalled easily by students. 

To score full marks, completion of the entire syllabus from the NCERT books should be the first task of every candidate. No topic that has been explained in the book should be skipped because that is the feature of NCERT books, they do not contain additional information or topics that can be out of the syllabus. An efficient note-making strategy while studying is important. 

A Regular well-planned self-study routine will help students comprehend the concepts in depth. Ensuring quality studies from NCERT books will bring the desired results. Reading every single line and understanding its significance is a constructive strategy for preparation.

While there is not much harm in referring to additional books for practice, it is yet important to know that NCERT books are enough and important for board exam preparation for a lot of reasons. A lot of times these reference books are very verbose in language and complicate even the basics of the concepts. Hence, One has to be careful while choosing the right reference books to avoid being confused. 

Usually, students start referring to additional books when they think NCERTs are not equipped enough to prepare them for the exams. This does more harm than good as without the basics offered by NCERTs any other advanced textbook will cause confusion and might put them in a state of panic. Therefore, one should go to NCERT books for their board exam and other exam preparation.


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