Password Manager Review: Best 4Password Manager Tools

We’ve all been there, you’ve created a strong and unique password when signing up to a new platform or service, only to make it so unique that you end up searching around in the depths of our brain trying to remember it the next time you want to log in. With passwords required for almost everything we do online and on our smart devices, it’s not surprising that we get confused from time to time. Either that or you end up using the same password for everything which is never recommended! That’s why choosing a great password manager can be a life-changer.

But choosing the right password manager is an important decision, the good news is there are lots of great options available to you. So, to help you out, we’ve put together a guide of four of the best password managers for 2020. There are options to suit all needs and budgets, so you’re guaranteed to find the right password management solution for you.

What is a password manager and why use one?

Before we look at the top password managers, let’s quickly address what a password manager actually does and why they are so beneficial. Simply put, a password manager is an application that stores and manages your passwords and other online credentials. But it does more than just keep a list of your passwords, it stores them in an encrypted database that only you can access via a master password.

There are several benefits of using a password manager, one of the main ones being that it saves you the effort of having to remember a dozen different logins and it also saves you from using the same password for everything. A big no-no when it comes to security. Plus, not only does it protect your passwords but it also generates strong, unique passwords for you that would be impossible for hackers to guess.

The best password managers in 2020

With a number of options available to you, it can take a bit of time to choose the right one. To help you narrow it down, we’ve compiled a list of four of the best password managers right now:

  1. Dashlane

Key features:

  • Easy syncing for devices
  • Includes a VPN
  • Secure document storage
  • Free and paid-for options available
  • Unlimited passwords (on premium option)

Dashlane is so much more than just a password manager and the team claim that this application can radically simplify your whole life online. Gone are the days of having to fill in form after form as you shop, bank, book and work online. The autofill option brings an end to tediously typing out the same information, including your address and contact details, as well as emails and passwords. Not to mention you can sync your Dashlane data to any and all your devices, so you’ll have access to your passwords anywhere you go.

There is a free and premium version available. The free version only allows you to sync data for one device and to store up to 50 passwords in your vault. The premium service is more impressive than the free one but it really depends on your budget. The paid-for version will allow you to sync across multiple devices, monitor for data breaches and even set up alerts to see if any site that holds or stores your data has been compromised by a cyberattack.

The built-in Virtual Private Network adds to the security of your passwords and data, though this is only available on the premium version. Dashlane is one of the more pricey password managers thanks to all the added features (though it’s still not overly expensive), but it does also come with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy.

  1. LastPass

Key Features:

  • Mobile app logins
  • 1GB of encrypted file storage
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Up to 6 Premium licenses
  • Free and paid-for options available

LastPass is one of the best password management tools as it is easy to use and packed with great features. There are free and premium packages available depending on your budget and what you need from the application, but the premium accounts are more reasonably priced than that of Dashlane. All the data you store, not just your passwords, is encrypted using AES-256 bit encryption for extra security.

Another key selling feature of LastPass is its two-factor authentication which can stop phishing attempts. It does so by requiring you to not only enter the master password but it also asks for a unique code generated by the mobile app or fingerprint scan. Two-factor authentication is becoming an extremely popular way to boost your security and this additional feature is certainly worth it when it comes to protecting your passwords and other sensitive data.

  1. LogMeOnce

Key features:

  • Free mobile security
  • Password free photo log in
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Free and paid-for options
  • 50% discount for students

LogMeOnce offers a cross-platform solution to password management so you can use it on any of your devices. The main difference between this tool and other management applications is that it doesn’t ask for the master password like others, it eliminates the risk of forgetting even this one password by using other security measures to give you access to your information.

LogMeOnce offers biometric options such as face and fingerprint ID as well as a pin code. This increased number of login options gives you plenty of flexibility and is perfect if you don’t trust yourself with the master password. As the name suggests, this application is built to provide Single Sign In functionality so that you don’t need to keep signing yourself into the same websites and services, but your passwords and details are always encrypted and protected.

  1. RoboForm

Key features:

  • Stores data online or locally
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Multi-platform support
  • One-click logins
  • Free and paid-for options

This versatile password manager is compatible with all major browsers and mobile apps and offers both a free and paid-for option. If you’re on a budget, the free version is still great and allows unlimited logins, strong encryptions, password audits and it automatically fills in web forms for you. If you want to upgrade to the premium version you will also get access to Cloud backup, two-factor authentication and 24/7 priority support from the team of experts.

The only downside, unlike other free packages (such as that of LastPass) the platform doesn’t sync your passwords across multiple devices, so it’s worth keeping this in mind when choosing your password manager.