Ready to Re-ignite Your PPC Strategy After COVID-19 Crisis? We Tell You How

What does PPC stand for?

PPC is a staple when it comes to online advertising and marketing for any business. PPC is also known as pay-per-click marketing. In other words, pay-per-click marketing is an advertising method generally used to promote a business, a product, service, or awareness. Overall, this method of marketing is designed to drive traffic. Additionally targeting their audiences by targeting a phrase or keyword for relevance to the user. The user will find the advertisement to be relevant and would be inclined to click on the advertisement for further information on their search. PPC is most commonly used on popular search engine platforms. Google is the most popular platform for PPC since the traffic of users is much higher. As a result, can bring in a healthier form of traffic to the desired landing page. For each and every click the client would get charged.

How Covid-19 is changing the marketing game

Many businesses large and small are starting to shut down. Covid-19 is a pandemic that is threatening the economy and companies are terrified. There are online marketing methods that can reignite a business owner’s company back on track. PPC, pay-per-click marketing, is an excellent way to achieve this goal. Online businesses are flourishing more now than ever. Consumers and customers are ordering products and necessities online to prevent going out in public.


Surprisingly most business professionals do not understand the important properties when it comes to pay-per-click marketing. Research is one of the most important factors when creating the perfect PPC campaign for a business, product, or service. It is wise to study the keywords users are searching for. When the proper keywords are marketed along with the proper solution it will result in a positive conversion.


Conversions are an important factor to consider when using PPC marketing. When creating a pay-per-click campaign it is wise to aim for an audience and keyword that is relevant to the product or service being sold. Here is an excellent example of this, let’s say an individual is selling ice cream. They would want to use relevant keywords that relate to icecream. The person creating the PPC advertisement would want to use popular keyword phrases that are high ranking. Additionally, they would want to make sure the competition numbers are fair for the amount of rank. The individual creating the ad should not use keywords that are not relevant to the product or service. Doing so could result in a terrible conversion. This would mean no one would click on the advertisement. Let’s go back to the ice cream example. Let us say the business owner wants to have a PPC advertisement for their icecream business. Using keywords that are irrelevant such as “football” or “skateboards” will not convert properly. Randomly marketing keywords is a waste of funds and time. Companies like Chicago PPC agency are trained professionals who know what they are doing. With the proper experience and excellent use of research, they can come up with the perfect PPC marketing strategy for any business.

PPC cost

The cost of PPC can vary depending on the competition of the keywords versus the volume. Online is a competitive battlefield of companies trying to be on top of the game. Finding high ranking keywords and phrases that are proven to convert for a specific business, product, or service can take time. Individuals who rush in and blindly create PPC advertisements can overspend and use their funds not so wisely. When hiring professional PPC marketers business professionals can focus on the one thing they know how to do. Which is quality control for their business? While the business owner handles the business let the marketing company handle the PPC advertisements. Hiring professionals can save businesses money in the long run and drive positive results for the company. The Chicago PPC agency is trained professionals who have been handling PPC marketing for quite some time. Trust these professionals to turn businesses around by properly setting up PPC advertisements.