Settlement of Credit Card Debts – Are You Worried by the Thought of Travel Plans?

Settlement of Credit Card Debts

The passion for traveling around the world is a feature found in almost every individual.  The only problem that troubles are the cost or the debt incurred in fulfilling this ambition.  Traveling is good as we learn a lot of things during our journey.  The knowledge may be concerning various cultures and traditions followed, spoken languages, work culture, cuisine, and their eating habits, etc.  A person should have the patience to learn, as there is a lot of knowledge hidden in every country.

The moment we speak about travel, we have to follow the combination of travel and debt because travel always results in some debt.  So, whenever any plans of going on tour are made, an immediate step has to be taken to estimate the debt you are landing up into.  Landing up in debts does not happen always.  It happens only when you don’t have sufficient funds, but yet you want to go out and enjoy your trip. Fund insufficiency can be handled well by using a credit card.

The utility of a credit card:  A credit card in hand gives you so much energy that you need not worry about any payments.  It can be used to settle your lodging and boarding bills, recharge your mobile bills, any purchases made during your travel. The credit card can be used only if the place where expenses are made has the facility to accept credit card payment. Apart from these, you can clear your old debts using this credit card.  You can avail the credit period given by the credit card company.  That means you will have additional time to clear the current dues.  Sometimes, the credit card company provides you some discount or promotional offers which you can avail according to your requirements. One main benefit is that there is no need for carrying heavy cash during travel, as there is always a risk of theft. A small card will provide you so many benefits.

Effects of using a credit card: The usage of the credit card will be fruitful if the credit card payment is cleared on or before the due date.  Else a percentage of amount will be added to credit card bill as fine for non-payment of dues. So, the problem of debt will increase if the facility of credit card is not utilized properly.  Sometimes, people ignore proper planning of expenses as they have a credit card which will pay for any expenses the movement it is swiped. In other words, the biggest debt is the credit card debt as there are infinite numbers of credit card defaulters who are very good at using the facility but face problem in clearing it. It depends on the individual how to manage the payment of credit cards.

Settlement of credit cards: There is a number of ways of settlement of credit cards.  Let us discuss some of them.

  • List of debts: Always ensure that you don’t panic when there is a huge debt to be cleared.  First, analyze the type of debts.  If it is credit card payment, then there is an option of payment of the minimum balance to hold it for some time.  Of course, this transaction will result in an increase in interest amount, but one can avail the extra time to plan for the arrangement of funds. In case of any other type of payment, like settlement to a creditor, your utility bills, etc., then by using a credit card you can first clear your old debts and plan to clear your credit card debt.
  • Plan your expenses: When you know that your credit card debt is high, it is always best to judge whether the expenses you are making is necessary or not. If it is not necessary, it is best to avoid such expenses. This way, you can have a control on piling up of your credit card expenses.
  • Settlement of debts: You can always approach the credit card company in case you are not able to repay the amount provided it is the first time. They will always consider and try to reduce some amount and encourage you to repay the balance amount. It would be good that the payment made will be in one lump sum after reducing the amount. However, it is possible only when the discussion with the two parties, i.e., you and the credit card company goes smoothly.  If the credit card company is adamant and wants the full payment, it has every option to approach the court of law, which will further increase your problems.
  • Approach a good debt consolidation company: When you are not able to settle the matters on your own, it is always advisable to approach a good debt consolidation company. The professionals there will try to solve your problem tactfully and will give you useful advice which will be helpful to you in the future.
  • Alternate usage of credit cards: Nowadays, there is no person who does not have at least 1. The benefit of credit card is so tempting that people are crazy about collecting a number of credit cards and using them accordingly. So, if a person has 2 or more credit cards, definitely the due date for payment will differ.  In such a case, by managing the credit cards, one can clear some of the dues by using an alternate credit card. For example: If credit card no.1 is due today, you can make use of the credit card 2 which will due after 15- 20 days and clear the dues of credit card 1.  So, after 15-20 days, the payment of credit card can be cleared. So this way, the management of debts is possible.

There are infinite numbers of solving the problems, but it is always advisable to clear the credit card dues within time because any sort credit card settlement will result in negative credit rating. In the future, if any bank, or credit card company, etc. are approached, they check your credit rating and then decide whether you are eligible or not. With, you can consolidate your debts.

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