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The worldwide IT market is developing quickly. Each year the profession of computer engineer is getting to be increasingly well known – already in 2017 there were roughly 21 million software engineers in different areas within the world.

Unfortunately, the European IT market is still at an early stage of improvement – there are already expansive and effective projects, but the market will not be able to match the American market for a long time, which creates up to 85% of all IT items in the whole world.

That’s why many programmers look for work in abroad companies – there are more possibilities for advancement, and the material base is more grounded, and they pay a lot more than on domestic projects.

Why AngularJS company?

Angular is one of the best web development frameworks available. It made it really simple to create a whole bunch of little puzzle pieces that fit together to build your application in a very modular way. It has also made a lot of interesting concepts like dependency injection and other things first to your features. 

I am inclined to believe that you will find that AngularJS is an entirely different framework that holds on to a lot of core ideas of modularity, dependency injection and a lot of other great things. However, AngularJS takes things a step further, it was made to be completely cross-platform. 

And here there’s an issue: how to find a great job online?  Profile websites will assist you with discovering IT employment according to your wishes. In this article, I will light up TOP-9 amazing online platforms for software engineers that will offer assistance in finding work in AngularJS development companies.


The obvious alternative, but not all specialists use it. Facebook is full of specialized communities, where they are searching for software engineers for universal projects. You can see a lot of official pages of AngularJS companies where you can find all the contact information.

There are a few critical details to take into consideration when looking for employment on Facebook. In case you’re planning to hunt for work in groups of specific countries, it is distant from a fact that the company will be willing to have a contract with a non-resident. So you need to clarify this point in advance.


LinkedIn is an incredible online platform where there are not only recruiters who are seeking out professionals in a specific company, particularly based on AngularJS, but moreover coordinate supervisors of development departments. After all, it is very troublesome to find a great specialist with the fundamental set of skills and knowledge that will quickly join the team.

The standards of operation are somewhat similar to Facebook communities, but LinkedIn pays much more attention to proficient skills, abilities and experience. In this manner, you need to depict your capabilities in as much detail as possible: what programming languages ​​you possess, especially pay much attention to JavaScript; what else frameworks can you work with, in what ways do you create the projects, your involvement in other companies. It all  really matters.


It is the largest job search site in the world and is one of the top 3 job search sites in the USA. It is not sharpened specifically for the IT-sphere, but there are really a lot of vacancies for AngularJS companies.

Also on the site there is a salary calculator and a blog where you can read a lot of useful information about employment and features of particular companies.


The website calls itself the “Career Hub for Techies”, and it really is one of the most high-quality websites for job search in the IT field. There are a lot of job offers in AngularJS companies.

Here they often look for very specific and highly qualified professionals, so if you possess several programming languages, then register without any doubt.


A site that specializes in finding investors and specialists for startups in the field of IT technologies, where Angular companies offer a very big amount of vacancies.

The site possesses a great reputation, since specialists check start-ups that post their vacancies and search advertisements. In this way, there’s a chance to induce amazing work and become at the origins of a modern AngularJS promising company.


Relocate is an amazing site that’s centered on finding experts who agree to move to a particular country. So to say, it means that all Angular companies that post job opportunities here will not be against accepting a non-resident.

Each of these companies offers a migration bundle, which is able to make the migration easier. Most indeed give money for the purchase of plane tickets and temporary housing. In my opinion, it is worth going for it and getting a dream job in  AngularJS company.


Craigslist is within the best 5 largest job search destinations in the world and within the top 3 in the United States. There are customarily a lot of opportunities in the IT field, so there’s a  big choice among AngularJS companies.

The great advantage is that most of the Angular TOP-100 companies are located here, so you’ll be able to monitor opportunities in the best IT companies around the globe.

Numerous expansive enterprises are ready to accept a worker from another part of the world. However, expect a genuine test of your proficient skills.


HelpDetected is a specialized site for job search in the USA. There are many vacancies in the American branches of AngularJS companies from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan, as well as purely American companies.

Computer futures

Computer Futures is a great site, which has gathered a lot of IT-vacancies for professionals in completely different areas. The geography of work is exceptionally wide – the site has offers from 20 nations of the world.

Most of the vacancies from European countries – in particular from the UK and Germany.


To sum everything written above up, most often these online platforms are looking for specialists in JavaScript ​​for long-term projects or for working in the Angular development company staff.

Of course, that is not all the resources that can help a software engineer in looking for work in AngularJS development company. I have collected here only the largest and most popular among them.

In case you are unable to find a good job for yourself, do not worry! Be persistent and hard-working – and opportunities will find you. Keep in touch with the world of development and good luck!

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