Top Social Media Marketing Agency in China

Today, we will look at social media marketing companies in China. I first published a slideshow about the growing popularity of social media in China (read here) and today I thought I provided you a list of social media marketing companies in China.

I am rating this list which is best. I did not work with any of those companies and my ranking is based on the website design and information provided only. I cannot comment on the services provided but I feel that if the company is working with most social media, their website should be very professional because it shows its potential. So, let’s get started! Do you think the importance of social media in China?

Social Media Marketing Companies in China

Resonance is one of the few companies that I can find online, especially focusing on social media marketing in China. I am constantly visiting my site for the latest information about social media in China and information and information on their blog are graphics. You can tell the website’s design and it is provided that this company is well-established and capable of the Chinese social media landscape.

Dragon Trail Interactive

Dragons Trail is a social media marketing company in Interactive China that focuses primarily on the travel industry. Their website is professional and easy to use. They provide a lot of information, but the material seemed to be permanent. I could not find a blog or forum and it seemed like a pitch for sale. Social media marketing is about communicating with all users and there was no platform on their site to communicate with them. Overall, this is a company focusing on social media marketing in China.

Sikh Media

I was going to rank the lowest rating in this company and I thought it was not about getting involved, but I’ll tell you that this is No. 3. When I am searching for social media marketing companies in China, I did not load the site and it properly. Therefore, I almost left, but I had a difficult time finding companies that mostly focus on social media in China. This number is No. 3 because I have sent an email to the management director, Paul McLeil, tell about this site, and within 30 minutes he responded to his email.

One thing I see in a business is the responsibility, how do they respond quickly and resolve the problem? These are responsible! It was told that his website was mostly down and I could not feel great for them. You are the judge (Additional points for those people! I’ve got an email from the pool before I can write this post and upload it. So, I went and there was a glance and his site looks great now and he has good information about social media in China. I also found that she is currently married to VV, Fanraira, Der, daughters of Roland. Garros, Hilton Hotel Group).

Nanjing Marketing Group

Under the marketing solution, the Nanjing Marketing Group says: “Tell us what you are aiming, and we will help you reach it. It’s easy. We plan your marketing activities and China I plan to plan to create ongoing marketing activities. “Under services, they go into more detail about their social media marketing services and offer case studies. Their website is easy and easy to use.

Digital forest

According to his website: “In the digital forest, we can help you gain social media, especially by building you a suitable, effective social strategy, according to your business. And help create the goals of measurement. “I keep these boys tears online and they are working well. They offer social media marketing strategies and content management. Their website is easy to use and has a comprehensive social media plan for China.
Social Media Marketing Companies in China

Chinese SEO Shifu

According to China SEO, “If you want to use online marketing to accelerate your business in China, social media marketing is necessary.” This company mostly thinks of SEO but they offer social media marketing and they have something important. According to their website, clients including Microsoft. Their site is professional and friendly.

Market me china

Marketplace in China is a company focusing on website design and other services as well as SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. He did not provide much information, but his site seemed quite professional and he offered content and social media management.