Where to Eat Authentic Philadelphia Cuisine

It goes without saying that most of the authentic Philadelphia cuisine can be found in the greater Philadelphia area. But, quite a few spots might shock you in terms of the restaurant’s location. You may be asking yourself, What is authentic Philadelphia cuisine? Food from Philly spans far beyond the classic Philadelphia cheesesteak. Philly food consists of hoagies, tomato pie, soft pretzels, and Butterscotch Krimpets. 


The Philadelphia cheesesteak has to be the most famous Philadelphia meal, and below is a list of restaurants where you can eat authentic cheesesteaks. You can also find interesting places to eat that explore Philadelphia’s culture in more ways than just the cheesesteak. 


Pat’s and Geno’s 


Talking about cheesesteaks. It is hard not to mention Pat’s and Geno’s. These are two friendly feuding restaurants located right across the street from one another, and it has become a timeless argument throughout Philly, “Who has the better cheesesteak?” 


The only way to truly know is to go and eat from both Pat’s and Geno’s to make the decision yourself. Your stomach will be full of real Philadelphia cuisine; you will also be a part of a timeless Philadelphia argument, tradition, and a right of passage. 


Angelo’s pizzeria 


Set aside the fantastic pizza found at Angelo’s, they too carry a right of passage associated with Philadelphia. But, this right of passage is catered toward a more local crowd. In other words, not every tourist knows about Philadelphia hoagies. Crafted with the best in local bread, meats, and cheeses Philadelphia offers, the hoagie is just as much a legacy as the cheesesteak. 


Angelo’s has one of the most famous hoagies in all of Philly, so to understand what Philadelphia cuisine is all about, Angelo’s is a place to check out. 


Miller’s Twist 


One of the final yet most important Philadelphia snacks is the soft pretzel. There are several spots you can go to get a soft pretzel, but Miller’s Twist is one of the most famous pretzel joints in all of Philly. No Matter the shape of the pretzel, Miller’s twist never disappoints. Plus, you can see the worker’s hand roll, fold, and twist the pretzel doe. Don’t forget your mustard, and swing by Miller’s twist to experience classic Philly pretzels. 




Philadelphia is one of the most culturally rich cities in the United States of America. So much can be learned about people, and the history of our great nation, in the city of brotherly love. After eating a couple of hoagies and taking your side in the long-time argument, Pat’s vs. Geno’s, you might love the city enough to move there. Luckily, there are many Philadelphia houses for sale that might get your attention. 


Regardless of living situation, there is so much to love about the city of Philadelphia, including its cuisine. Even if you are stopping by for a visit, immersing yourself in culture and eating different food can be a very enriching experience. 


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