Why choose the Field promax Field service management tool?

When you are running a field service providing company, then sometimes it becomes very difficult manage the work. This because many tasks have to be done within a short span of time or sometimes even simultaneously such as getting the customer’s service requests and preparing & assigning the estimates to them, assigning the work orders to the technicians after the approval of the customers, getting the information about the job status and also getting customer’s required information while doing invoicing. Apart from all these tasks, there are many other tasks related to the field service management which needs to be performed by the businessman alone. This is the case when the need for a field service management tool arises. Although there are a lot of field service management tools available in the market, but Field promax has earned much reputation because of the quality service and wide variety of the features offered by it. In this article, we are going to discuss about the features of this field service software company, which proves why you should choose the Field promax tool. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

  • Scheduling and dispatching: Field promax allows you to create the work orders right from your office and you to have to visit the field by yourself in order to get the customer’s service requests or in order to assign the work orders to the technicians which are in the field. Thus, Field promax provides you the mobility which your business needs to be profitable. Moreover, it also allows you to auto-generate the work-orders for the recurring work.
  • Estimates: Field promax allows the users to create the work estimates and send those estimates to the customers on their mobile. Moreover, Field promax also allows the businessmen to receive the customer’s approval over the mobile phones. Thus, it reduces the time gap involved in getting the customer’s approval. After receiving the customer’s approval, those approvals can be converted into the work orders for the field technicians.
  • Time keeping: Field promax allows the user to track the job status of the work being done by a particular field technician and also helps the businessman to maintain the flow of the work orders appropriately so that all the targets can be achieved without any hassle.
  • Invoicing: Field promax allows the businessman to do invoicing in the most convenient manner. After doing the work, the field technician can get the customer’s signature and also can update the customer’s picture along with the picture of the location or a particular area before and after work. After uploading this, the businessman generates an invoice from his side, which is then sent to the customer. This is one of the most amazing features of the Field promax, which saves a lot of time of the service provider, the technician and the customer. Apart from this, Field promax ensures the adequate security while performing the invoice related tasks. Thus, you don’t need to worry about any security issue, while using Field promax.

These were some of the most amazing features of using field promax, which proves that why people are preferring it over the other field service management tools in the market. This is definitely best field service management software.