Denial in Addiction and the Need for Drug Rehab in South Dakota

Need for Drug Rehab in South Dakota

Denial of having an addiction is a stage in the grieving process where clearly someone has a problem, they refuse to believe it. Even though your loved one shows clear symptoms and signs that they have an addiction, they refuse to admit they have a problem. While it may seem unreasonable, denial of addiction is a useful tool that humans have. It shields people from pain when used as a coping mechanism. The only problem with this used as a coping strategy is that it also prevents people from getting the help that they need.

Denying an addiction is hard on those who have the addiction and the chemical dependency, but it is also hard for the family and friends of the addict. Friends and family of an addict usually see there is a problem with addiction before the addict themselves recognizes the problem. And until an addict acknowledges that they have problem with drugs, there isn’t anything that anyone can do to help them. It is important that family and friends of an addict or even an addict themselves understand the denial stage and how they can move past it. This way, they can get the help that they need and live a long, sober and healthy life.

Are you in Denial of Needing Help from Drug Rehabilitation Center in South Dakota?

As mentioned above, denial is the body’s way of protecting you from feelings that are less than pleasant. Your body has a natural urge to protect you. With that said, the only way that you may be able to see that you have an addiction problem is to take a moment and get out of your own head.

Try this; think back to last week or even last month. During that time, was there any moment in which you can recall making different excuses for the way that you acted while you were under the influence of drugs or alcohol? Did you maybe say, “it was just this one time” or “I did not mean those horribly things I said”? If you did use those excuses, was it a one-time thing or do you see a pattern evolving from your excuses?

Next, has anyone that is close to you made comments or expressed worry about your use of drugs? If they have, how did you react when they made these comments? Did you act defensively or negatively? Were you angry? If you were, this can be a sign that you are in denial about your addiction. Again, denial is your brains way of protecting you from experiencing emotions that are painful. In this case, comments from friends and family can be hurtful and make you feel under attack leading to your denial.

United Recovery can Help Overcome Denial

If you are in denial about your drug use, United Recovery is here to help. We use techniques for treatment that is proven to work. We offer a variety of treatment options that can be suited best for your needs. Give us a call today if you are concerned that Drug rehabilitation centers in South Dakota won’t work for you and want to try an out of state program.

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