Why Glendale Is the Perfect Home For Your Family

Glendale is located in the heart of Arizona and is a beautiful place to call home for you and your family. With great schools nearby and plenty of other things to do with the family such as hiking and shopping, Glendale is growing and more people are noticing how perfect it is for families.

Things to Do in Glendale

Does your family love sports? Then,Glendale is the place for you! Glendale happens to be home to the Arizona Cardinals Stadium and the Phoenix Coyotes. This means your family can easily catch a football or hockey game. When it isn’t football season or hockey season, these spots host great events year-round like concerts and even Monster Jam.

Near the stadium sits Westgate Entertainment District. This place is great for any family to do some shopping and grab a bite to eat. They also have fun events such as live music throughout the year. During the holidays, Glendale hosts Glendale Glitters, which is a beautiful display of thousands of twinkling lights.

Just a short drive down the freeway is the city of Phoenix. This is where you can visit the Phoenix Zoo or even catch a local basketball or baseball game. There is always something to do in the valley of the sun!

Arizona is known to have some of the best hiking spots across the country and many of these spots are located in Glendale. Thunderbird Park has a few different trails to choose from, all leading up to a gorgeous view at the very top, plus they have things for the kids to enjoy! Piestewa Peak is a little bit of a harder hike, so if you are looking for a challenge, this is the trail for you. It has been compared to walking on a stairmaster for an hour, but the steep hike is well worth the views at the top.

Schools in Glendale

Of course, when raising a family in Glendale, the most important thing is the school selection! Luckily, Glendale is home to some terrific schools for your kiddos.

The Dysart Unified School District

With over 24 schools in the district and over 26,000 students ranging from pre-K to 12th grade, this is a perfect school district. One of the top elementary schools in the district is Marley Park Elementary School. The public school has about 1,000 pre-K to 8th-grade students and is known for high test scores and also offers advanced STEM courses. The student to teacher ratio isn’t bad, with a ratio of 21 students to 1 teacher. However, this elementary school does require a dress code.

Willow Canyon High School is also in the Dysart Unified School District. The high school hosts 1,900 students and has a graduation rate of 94 percent. The student to teacher ratio is 23 to 1 and the student to counselor ratio is 420 to 1.

Millennium High School

Another great high school to check out is part of the Agua Fria Union High School District. With 2,200 students, it has a graduation rate of 87 percent. The test scores are consistently above average in subjects such as math and geometry. The student to teacher ratio is 23 to 1 and the student to counselor ratio is 369 to 1.

Weather in Glendale

One of the best things Glendale has to offer is its terrific weather! With mostly sunshine year-round, there is little bout of rain and mild winters.

The summers do get warm, but there are plenty of pools and ways to escape the heat. Just because we see triple digits for about 1/3 of the year, we don’t have the high humidity, so it is definitely tolerable.

When we do see humidity, it is usually during Monsoon season, where we have fantastic lightning shows and some really cool dust storms. As long as you are prepared and don’t get caught out in it, these storms are harmless and actually really neat to watch.

The winters are absolutely perfect, with mild temperatures and plenty of sunshine. Thanks to the gorgeous weather, the desert sees beautiful blooming flowers and cactus.

If you are looking to explore the seasons, you can spend a few hours driving up north to get a taste of fall leaves and snow!

Homes in Glendale

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