How SAP Business By Design ERP helps the dairy business?

Acquiring visibility from the supply chain from raw material to packaging and storage to shelf life to preserving the nutritional aspects of products are a few key requirements of the dairy business to run successfully and manage their complexities. SAP Business ByDesign can help meet these requirements by offering a proven business solution to meet your day to day business initiatives. With user friendly and intuitive dashboards and easy navigation, SAP Business ByDesign erp gives you a deeper insight as to how to proceed smartly and win in this competitive dairy landscape where competition is fierce and to stay agile and smart is the new norm.

Let’s find out how SAP Business ByDesign is best for your dairy business.

Helps in stock management

Gaining a 360 view of inventory is one of the major issues food and beverage companies are facing today. Margins are declining and products are often perishable. Government and safety regulations are rising steadily. You face the consistent challenges of managing inventory, expiration monitoring, spoilage costs, cross-contamination of perishable products, overstocking and more. With this software, it becomes easy to ensure all invoices are posted correctly and there are no errors on the same.

Perform “What if” Analysis

The software helps to keep a tab on surge in price if any. It monitors the vital aspects and allows the daily business to determine how a change in price such as basic items such as bread, milk, cheese, yogurt, may affect other factors. It helps you to know the reason behind anything you want to know.

Keep a track of Nutritional Information

Consumers today are more learned and they need nutritional information to make the right purchase decisions. With the smart software, it becomes easy to keep a track of nutritional information without any hurdle. You can enter nutritional information easily and the nutritional value of it.

Sales and Demand forecasts to Plan better

The SAP Business ByDesign Sales Analysis Report helps all leading dairy businesses to keep track of all sales transactions, depicting the trends of the sales volume for business. The software also empowers the business to give an ideal view of demand forecasts. This helps decide the best course of action and helps in accurate prediction of sales and demand forecasts.

When demand is unknown and vague to understand, a dairy business runs the risks of understocking or overstocking. When you understock the products, you run the risk of losing customer loyalty. With overstocking, the chances of spoilage increases and product quality may fall behind.

SAP Business By Design is the best erp software in India for dairy business

Dairy businesses face a slew of challenges to comply such as packaging, labeling regulations, demand forecasting, inventory management, raw material management, manage shelf life and expiry dates, and give ample choice to customers in terms of dairy products. To ensure the path of success, one needs a dependable software to mitigate the challenges of the dairy business.

It helps to make it easier for expiration tracking, lot management, sub lot management, traceability, improve demand forecasting, reduce overstocking, and mitigate all business challenges of a dairy business.