WebRTC: The Newest Technology Created by Google

The revolution of telecommunications has been offering innovative solutions in the management of phone calls and new business models.

The management of phone calls, a fundamental aspect of business communication, has seen a great improvement thanks to innovative technologies in the telecommunications field.


The virtual PBX telephone networking system for businesses adapts quickly to the evolution of the Internet. Traditional telephone networking systems are unable to adapt to technological changes compared to newer models.

WebRTC Virtual PBX Phone System

For a few years now, businesses have opted for virtual PBX phone systems. Although all virtual solution systems seem the same, the difference lies in the technology used. It also depends on the Call Center Software used, the simplicity of installation, and the user interface.

Voice over IP is the most used technology used by different virtual PBX phone network providers. Although VoIP is already known to be better than the traditional SIP, it has also improved in recent years by adding WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communication) technology.

Fonvirtual, a company specializing in cloud communications for businesses, bases its solutions on WebRTC technology. This simplifies corporate telephone management, internal and external calls, and optimizes company resources since no external hardware would need to be purchased. Calls can be made through specific websites you can open through any online web browser.

Therefore, the WebRTC is a great advantage when using a virtual PBX for any company.

The Advantages of WebRTC for Business Communication

Fonvirtual is one of the few companies that offers this technology whose main advantages are reducing installation costs, enjoying the best sound quality that exists in the market, and allowing travel without geographical call restrictions or losing calls.

That’s right! WebRTC is characterized by its adaptability and its network quality, which eliminates the usual cuts and echoes of calls. It is perfect to call from anywhere in the world and to any destination. The voice that is transmitted over the internet has no additional cost for long-distance calls.

In addition, it offers great advantages for businesses who use it, such as making and receiving calls from a computer or smartphone, no matter where you are. In addition, you can alternate from one device to another, depending on your needs.

Developed by Google, this technology works with any web browser, as long as you are connected through data or Wi-Fi. It does not require any other additional hardware or software downloads, which reduces costs in new equipment. There is no need for physical  IP telephones or installation. Also, because it is hosted in the cloud, the configuration and maintenance will be done all online without additional costs.

Features of the WebRTC Virtual PBX

Companies invest more and more in solutions that reinforce their company image. Their image is determined by the customer service that is provided. This can be determined by the quality of customer service calls. A WebRTC virtual PBX can increase the quality of customer communications.

But in addition to all of this, what additional features does this virtual PBX have? The virtual PBX allows you to enjoy added features such as option menus, custom main greetings, queue management for when customers are on hold, call recording, etc.

In the same way, you can establish the order of preferred agents who receive calls, depending on their qualifications or experience. In addition, internal calls and the transfer of calls between agents are also completely free.

You can adapt the virtual PBX to according to your office hours, as well as different greetings depending on whether the call was made during after hours.

A virtual PBX combined with WebRTC technology improves the performance of business communication, offering a high quality customer service.

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