What are the Strategies followed by IAS toppers to Crack UPSC Exams?


The competition for UPSC exam keeps cropping each year due to an increase in the number of applicants. However, acing the UPSC exam in a single attempt is challenging for many candidates. Therefore, in this post, we have collated some significant strategies chased by most of the IAS Toppers.

Important Strategies by IAS toppers

  1. Revision is the bulk: The most important part of UPSC exam preparation is the revision. Aspirants of civil services must ensure that they set aside some time to revise their learning.
  2. Test-based approach: this strategy requires the candidates to test their knowledge and preparation level not periodically but regularly. Candidates must regularly take free mock tests available online to analyse and improve. Taking mocks will also help them in revising the whole syllabus.
  3. Time is prime: Keeping track of time during exams is crucial. Proper allotment of time to each section that is the strength area is necessary. Therefore, avoid giving more than one minute to any question. Move to the next question rather than getting stuck with a particular question. To get a hold of this, practice more previous year papers and mock tests under time constraints.
  4. No least important is speed & Accuracy: upholding the speed and accuracy while solving the paper is also essential. Remember that there is a separate cut-off for GS Paper-I and in GS Paper-II minimum qualifying marks of 33%. Also, the burden of losing 1/3rd marks for incorrect answers. Amidst all this, the core job is to simply maximize score without letting go the hold over speed and accuracy.
  5. Being Consistent: Be consistent with your preparation. Whatever you do or not do, follow that daily. If you have decided to study seven hours a day, then stick to that and complete the hours. Consistent performance will always yield good results.

At the least, stay calm and do not allow stress to take over. Bear these essential strategies in mind and follow them religiously and be the next IAS topper of the UPSC exam.

With this, we wish you good luck for the exam!

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