Where can I find the best NTA NEET Study Material?

NEET Study Material

NEET is an entrance exam taken by thousands of students throughout the country to pursue their careers in the medical field. They register for the NEET to take admissions in undergraduate medical courses such as MBBS, BDS, BAMS, and BHMS. In this article, we will discuss the best sources for NTA NEET study material that can help aspirants to make their dream come true. Often, students are not aware of the books and other sources from where they should prepare for the NTA NEET exam due to which they lack preparation. Students work hard to ace the exam but sometimes due to proper knowledge and information about the syllabus and pattern of the exam students fail to achieve their goals. In this article, students will learn more about the NEET exam and the latest updates about the NEET syllabus.

The competition is very tough and clearing the cut-off for the exam is not enough to secure a seat in the medical college. Students need to score high marks to confirm a seat in a reputed government medical college in the country. This is possible if students make a structured study and use the best study material to prepare for the exam. 

Students need to understand the main concepts of the three subjects to clear the exam and score high marks. Therefore, students must use the right study material to enhance their knowledge. If students clear all their doubts they can easily score high marks. 

Students can refer to the different study materials such as the NCERT books, previous year papers, sample papers, important questions marked in the books, small notes made during preparation, etc. Students must make a list of things they need to study for the entrance exam.

Best books for NEET Biology

Students can refer to the following books to prepare for NEET Biology. They can solve questions from these books such as Trueman’s Objective Biology, Dinesh’s Objective Biology, and G. R. Bathlas’s Objective Biology. Students can use these books other than the NCERT Books, study notes, etc.

Best books for NEET Physics

Physics is a conceptual-based subject and students need more practice for physics. Students preparing for the NEET exam can refer to Objective physics for NEET, Physics MCQ by Deb Mukherji, Concepts of physics by H. C. Verma, and Fundamentals of Physics by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker.

Best books for NEET Chemistry

Chemistry is easy to understand but students need to understand the concepts of chemistry for scoring high marks in the exam. They can refer to Objective NCERT at your fingertips by MTG publications, concise inorganic chemistry by J.D. Lee, and Physical chemistry by O.P. Tandon. 

Tips to score high marks in NTA NEET

Students must follow the tips given here to score high marks in the NEET exam. The tips given here can help students to understand the concepts of different subjects and clear their exams with flying colors. 

Students must finish their entire syllabus for NEET preparation. They should take help from the sample papers, mock tests, and other books to study for the NEET exam. Students can improve their scores by utilizing the time properly. They should analyze their tests; analyze the questions asked in the exams, and consult with their teachers to clear the doubts. 

Students must go through the NEET exam pattern. It is an offline exam conducted for three hours. Students have to answer 180 questions in 3 hours. All are multiple-choice based questions. There is a negative marking and therefore students must make sure that they know the answer. They should avoid making any guesses. Students need to cover the class 11 and 12 syllabus to prepare for the exam. 

In physics, after completing the theoretical part from the NCERT textbook, students can refer to the extra books to solve numerical problems. Students must revise all-important formulas for the exam and they should know how to use the formulas for solving different numericals. Students must try to solve sample papers for the NEET exam to practice multiple choice questions based on different chapters. 

In chemistry, there are three parts and students need to study all three sections properly for the NEET exam. They need to consult separate books for organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry. Students must start with physical chemistry and they should study the mole concept because it is the most important topic in physical chemistry and will help students to further understand other topics. Atomic structure is also an important chapter. In inorganic chemistry, students must study the concepts of the periodic table. In organic chemistry, students have to focus on acids and bases. Students must prepare the theoretical part of chemistry from the NCERT textbooks. They can use extra books to prepare the numerical in chemistry. 

Biology is the most important subject for NEET students. They need to learn the concepts properly in Biology to clear the exam. There are 90 questions in Biology in the NEET exam. Students can perform better in the NEET exam to score high marks and get a seat in the medical college. It is an easy subject and students must practice multiple choice questions from different books. They should find the best books for Biology to prepare for the NEET exam and clear the fundamental concepts.

Regular practice of all three subjects is a must for the students who want to clear the exam. They must practice questions based on three subjects regularly. Regular practice and solving question papers can help to improve the speed of the students. Students must manage the time on the paper. They should try to finish the entire question in three hours and should keep some time to revise for the exam.

Revision is another important strategy for the students preparing for the NEET exam. Students must revise important topics and concepts from all three subjects. Last-minute revision can help students to remember the main concepts but students must avoid learning any new concepts during the last few days of the exam as this will confuse them. 

Students must use the above study material and tips to prepare for the NTA NEET to score high marks.

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