Why your Company needs Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing
Businessman drawing a cloud computing diagram or flowchart

If you haven’t familiarised yourself with the world of Cloud Computing yet, here is your short guide for SME owners.

Cloud computing sounds like a mythical term we all must get to grips with, but it’s really very easy to understand. The concept is simple: that things that take place in the online world happen in the Cloud, and that thing that don’t take place in the digital world, take place in real life.

Easy, right?

But when we start to apply business acumen to the Cloud, things start to appear needlessly complicated. We wanted to take today to address some of these complications, to show them for what they really are: problems where there are none,

Let’s talk about Cloud computing and why you need it for your company.

Cloud Computing: A Company Must-Have

2020 was the year that most of us saw our businesses go down the tubes. If you weren’t a digital or essential service, you had every chance of failing to make ends meet throughout the entirety of the year. If you had Cloud computing on your side, however, you might just have made it.

Cloud computing is exactly how we described it above. Cloud computing refers to any computing that is done off site. So,every time you backup your system to an offsite location, you are using the Cloud. Every time you send an email, and it is sent out to someone else, you are relying on the Cloud to relay that information. Put simply, the Cloud refers to anywhere you send information on the internet which isn’t your own location.

When you understand this one point, you understand that businesses have been using this term as if it is complex, even when it is not. As such, they have managed to make the Cloud seem impossible, far away, and like something that isn’t supposed to be understood by us mere mortals. Obviously, this isn’t the case.

Harnessing Cloud Computing for your Business

Knowing what you now know about the Cloud, you can see that you have already used it several times in the past. Nevertheless, some of us might not be using it to its full potential.

The beauty of the Cloud is the potential for offsite data storage. Since our servers are so hot, we are now hiding them at the bottom of the ocean to cool them down, any way we can store data elsewhere saves our businesses the cost of the power and the staff needed to maintain it. Data recovery is fast and simple, and usually companies that provide this service do it as a fully searchable storage option.

But let’s talk about the day-to-day. To harness the full use of Cloud Computing, you need to be using it as thousands of companies were using it during the pandemic. You need to be hiring people in Cloud Computing Roles to remotely deal with IT problems as they crop up, without having to visit people in their own homes.

Cloud Computing has the potential to change the way we do business for good… btu only if we can learn to understand it, first. If not? That’s why we hire in those that do.