Top 5 SEO Tips for Dentists 2021

SEO Tips

Any business should understand the importance of search engine optimization (SEO) and strive to make their website search-engine friendly. When a potential patient conducts a quick Google search for a dentist in their area, the search engine returns thousands of results in a matter of seconds. 

What is seen is a mixture of Google map results, local business ads, blog posts, and more. The only question is, are there ways to manage SEO for dentists, which may help ensure that your dental business shows up every time someone searches for a dentist in their area? The answer lies in local search engine optimization.

How Can You Improve Your SEO and Online Presence?

You can easily improve your current website practice to increase your online presence and ranking. However, you have to ensure that your dental website is carefully handled by professionals who are familiar with SEO best practices for this to be successful. Below are SEO tips for dentists:

1. Website Architecture and Speed

Websites are used to prioritizing the desktop look rather than the mobile design. Ensure your website is designed to pass Google’s mobile-friendly test. This is because almost 90% of targeted patients are likely to search for you on a mobile device. If your site is not optimized for mobile searches, Google may omit your dental practice website from search engine results.

Your website loading speed can also affect your SEO presence; Google prefers fast loading websites, especially for mobile users on data plans. 

2. SEO with AMP Powered Websites

The AMP Project is a Google-supported project that enables the creation of websites and ads which are consistently fast, good-looking and high-performing across distribution platforms and devices. An AMP page is a summarized version of a webpage but with all bloats removed. Investing in an Amp page means improved web speed.

3. SEO Best Practices

There are certain elements about the architecture of your website that you can improve to increase the number of pages that are indexed by search engines. Your dental practice’s overall search marketing performance will highly depend on Indexing since that is how search engines include pages in their database. Your dental marketing team should be able to get your web page sufficiently indexed to generate traffic from search engines. 

4. Web Page Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Your SEO success highly depends on having optimized site title tags and meta descriptions, which will improve your ability to compete for new patients. Each page on your dental practice website should have optimized titles and descriptions and should contain calls-to-action words such as “see,” “find,” “learn,” and “visit” to help entice clicks.

5. Request Patient Reviews and Links, Citations and Listings

It’s very important to include online reviews on your web page since it helps boost your practice and SEO. Patients are more likely to pick a certain dentist due to the online reviews they come across on their web page. Request for your patients’ reviews, either on a platform or manually via email. Additionally, you can put up a sign on your web page that allows your patients to leave online reviews.

Linking is essential when it comes to SEO, and it’s even more important to build and implement high-quality links for you to compete and thrive online. 

Make the Most out of SEO

SEO is important for any online presence. We hope you find the above information helpful in improving your web page ranking and online practice. Remember, your website loading speed is vital in determining whether you will be listed as a top rank upon a search.


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